*Son of the Rock

* a descriptive term for those born within the ancient burgh boundaries of Stirling.

Get regular news and comment about Stirling, Scotland with the “Son of the Rock” blog at www.chriskane.net.  Written by broadcaster and local Councillor Chris Kane.  Before moving online, “Son of the Rock” was published in the Stirling Observer newspaper.

Welcome back! For a number of years I wrote a weekly column called “Son of the Rock”  in the Stirling Observer.  The Stirling Observer has been apolitical for 150 years and I didn’t want to jeopardise that, so when I stood as a candidate for both Stirling Council and at the 2017 UK General Election, I decided to take a break from “Son of the Rock”.  But I miss the discipline of writing a weekly column and I still have lots I want to say and comment on, so “Son of the Rock” is back as a blog.

I will take the opportunity to be more political from time to time, but mainly I will talk about what’s going on in Stirling and what I think of things.  I’ll also talk about  things that amuse or impress me, things that make me proud of my community and things that are important to me – and I hope important to you.  Local history is a passion of mine, so expect that to pop up regularly.

Let’s get the Son of the Rock back on the road and have some fun together in 2021.